Give your vision traction

Grow your brand online with strategic digital storytelling.


1. Vision

 Step into your hero's journey and crystalize your brand’s unique positive impact on the world and identify the 'why’ that fuels you to succeed. 

2. Story

 Channel your vision into a story, conjure a brand identity and brand narrative that delights your target audience, communicates your promise and awakens a desire for engagement. 

3. Content 

 Solidify your story into digital content - websites, emails, social media posts, blogs, podcasts, videos, GIFs - and know how you are going to strategically use them to achieve your marketing goals. 

4. Implementation 

Implement your content like a marketing samurai. Optimize each piece with razor sharp attention to detail so the message is crafted for the medium and fuels clicks and engagement across all platforms, devices, and networks.

5. Analytics & Data

Measure the results of your implementation with informed analytics. Know the key metrics and data sets which allow you to refine your strategy and yield even greater success. 

Find your digital voice and achieve disruptive content marketing results.

Enter the 5 Step Vision Traction path for entrepreneurs, startups and nonprofits: 

Eitan Press



Eitan brought our social media and branding to a new level. He introduced our organization to the concept of seeing ourselves as storytellers. With his guidance We were able to do campaigns like we never did before, get out information like we never did before, it literally connected us to our supporters and community in an entirely new way.  

Dovie Maisel, Director of International Operations, United Hatzalah of Israel

Moshe Friedman,  Founder of Kamatech

"Eitan created and implemented a big picture content marketing campaign for our Kamatech Demo Day in NYC that targeted the exact niche we wanted to reach, filled the room the right kind of people, generated great media exposure, and created traction for our startups before the event started."

"Working with Eitan is both an enjoyable and productive experience. His creativity makes him a go to address for idea refinement and execution. His strategic insight and energy are valuable assets to any startup or entrepreneur."

Jonathan Caras, Co-Founder of Glide

Rabbi David Aaron, Bestselling author of Endless Light 

& Dean of Orayta Yeshiva

"Eitan press gets it. Eitan has the unique ability to zero in on the essence of your message and articulate, in a clear and concise manner, what you need to communicate to your clients. He is a prolific writer, deep thinker and is blessed with the clarity and sensitivity to get the job done."

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